Little Rascals Shop

Little Rascals have a fully stocked and competitively priced shop, We have a beautiful line of beds for all sizes and breeds of puppy. We stock plastic carry cases for the journey home, Toys including the very popular Kong's, bowls for both water and food and a huge line in leads and collars. Why not take a look in our shop open 7 days a week 9.30am to 6.30pm when purchasing your new puppy or when your just looking for more items for your existing pet.

Our Very Own Churchill

Many of you remember visiting Little Rascals and more importantly remember Churchill. Well we can confirm that he will infact be a father in the coming months and his puppies will be on our website very soon.

Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Just one little boy left from this litter, Very cheeky, gorgeous little man looking for a new home.

Fox Terrier Puppies ready now

Brand new litter of wire haired Fox Terriers ready to go now boys and girls available

Stunning Pedigree Puppies

We have Japanese Spitz, Pugs and Toy Poodles all ready this weekend please feel free to pop in and take a look.

We are open all day every day

Don't forget little rascals are open 7 days a week 10am to 6.30pm come and take a look at our gorgeous little puppies ready to go to their new homes.

Press Release 28th September 2016

Over the last few days, we at Little Rascals Pets Limited have been subject to various criticisms from a very vocal single issue charity called Chancepixies. It is clear that they want to put us out of business, but their arguments would lead to the end of private dog ownership in the UK.

We are very much in a niche industry and the breeding of and care of dogs and puppies especially will always polarize opinions.

We would wish to make clear that we do hold a current and active breeding license. As many of you are aware we have been subject to great pressure brought about by a challenge to our local authorities’ ability to act.

Chancepixie have not been able to find any legal, welfare or other reason why our license should be revoked. Chancepixie openly suggest that they wish to stop all dog breeding. Should this of cause be the case this would not only have a knock on effect on all dog breeders, but also an effect on all animal breeders and all related industries. Clearly it is easy to see that should such an eventually happen there would be no dogs in the UK within 10 years. There would be no vets for companion animals, perhaps there would be no Kennel Clubs required and perhaps no sheep or wool.

We are proud of the love we have for all our animals.

We are always here to support our customers both old and new. What Chancepixie won’t tell you is that the victory they claim was with the consent of both ourselves and the licensing authority. It just gives a timetable for correcting procedural errors in the red tape that goes with giving a license. There are no live welfare issues before the court. Nor can there be in this present litigation which is purely an administrative review of powers and procedures and not animal welfare.

With thank to our customers pass, present and future, please do not hesitate to email or telephone us with any questions. Our contact details are or 01522 789191.

Little Rascals Puppies

Little Rascals have some stunning puppies ready to go right now and if we haven't got what your looking for please still feel free to come and take a look. Please also feel free to complete the puppy alert subscription form and we will contact you when your puppy is ready to go.

North Kesteven Council Visit 29/07/2014

Little Rascals have today had a council inspection which has been a success and our on going refurbishment plans will see this improve to an even higher standard.

Did Patton Make It to the White House?

Did President Donald Trump is previous animal-less existence come to an end once he moved into the White House and did Patton become the chosen ‘First Dog?’

The goldendoodle named ‘Patton,’ after George Patton, a World War II general was stated as favourite to become the first dog for President Trump and his family in December 2016.

In the 1990’s breeders began crossing golden retrievers with standard poodles. The original purpose of the cross was to attempt to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies.

The goldendoodle is sometimes called a designer dog. The Encyclopedia Britannica traces the term "designer dog" to the late 20th century, when breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other purebred breeds in order to obtain a dog with the poodle's non-shedding coat, along with various desirable characteristics from other breeds.

As a country of dog lovers we all embrace the great satisfaction dog ownership brings and the joy of a loyal loving greet from your furry companion after a hard day at work. Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited we wonder if President Donald Trump made the decision to adopt Patton as their new addition to their family.

It would be great to see if President Donald Trump had made the decision to adopt Patton as we a wait to see any confirmation from the White House.



Telephone: 01522789191

Little Rascals Shop Open now

Little Rascals onsite shop is open from 10am to 6.30pm daily and can cater for all your puppy needs.

Choosing the right puppy for you

Here at Little Rascals we provide advise 7 days a week and a no appointment visiting schedule between the hours of 9.30am and 6pm. With our combined experience and knowledge we can provide the right information on all our puppies and ensure you walk away with the correct breed for you. We vet check all our puppies prior to leaving and at this point they have a vaccination, flea and worm treatment and are micro chipped. We will provide you with some food, blanket, 4 weeks free insurance and also register your Micro Chip for you whilst you are here. You will be given a pack which gives tips and advise including what to feed and when. Please see our testimonials page for information on some of our puppies which have settled into their new homes already. Please also take a look at our puppy subscription link where you can be notified of a breed you are specifically looking for.

Latest Litters now available

We have currently got new beautiful Pedigree Chihuahua's, Pedigree Beagle's and Basset Hounds, Cockapoo's and Puggalier's ready to go to their new homes. We are currently experiencing large call volumes due to the variety of happy little puppies we have so please if you don't get through first time just keep trying we are here to help you find your new family member.

Its a dogs life here at Little Rascals

Just chilling our dogs are our priority and as you can see it really is a dogs life. We have new litters available this weekend including the popular Scottish Terrier so keep checking back as they will be updated by Friday and ready to leave after their vet check.

Churchill enjoying the sun!

Anyone who has visited us will know how much our very own Churchill likes to make new friends. Below is a video of him making the most of the sunshine and socialising with a calf!

Pedigree Westie Boys and Girls ready now

Pedigree Westie puppies ready now boys and girls

Looking for a puppy or Selling a Litter

Looking for a puppy or selling a litter of your own visit Animals GB please click the link below

Praising Your Puppy For Good - Say Vets

Speaking at the British Small Animals Veterinary Association’s congress, and reported in this week’s Veterinary Record, Ms Zulch said it also had to be accepted that every puppy is an individual with its own strengths and or weeknesses

Owners should view the practice of raising puppies as educating them, rather than training them.

Puppies spend less than one per cent of their life for six weeks of their life at ‘puppy school’, and there is a risk that owners consider this is enough, said Helen Zulch, a lecturer at the University of Lincoln and consultant at the university’s veterinary behaviour clinic.

Too much emphasis is placed on teaching puppies ‘obedience’ rather than praising good behaviour, a veterinary congress has heard.

Little Rascals open 7 days a week

Little Rascals are open 7 days a week, no appointment is needed to come and meet our adorable little puppies. We open at 9.30am and close at 6.30pm as we like to keep our puppies in a routine making training easier when they leave to go to their new homes. We are happy to give advice on all our breeds and help you find the best puppy for your needs. Our after sales support team are available Monday to Friday should you have any queries or would just like to update us on your puppies progress. Contact details are on our home page.

Barny and his new rosettes!

Many of you will remember Mr and Mrs Needham who purchased Barny from us in 2014. Mr and Mrs Needham have since entered Barny in many shows across the country

We are so proud to report he has additionally gone on to win 1st prize for best crossbreed dog at Grimsby Dog Show, along with a 3rd and 4th for best looking dog

More recently, Barny has also won further rosettes for 1st, 2nd and a special, meaning he now has a total of 19 rosettes!

His next show is on the 12th September and we wish him all the best of luck!

Pedigree Minature Schnauzer Puppies

Pedigree Miniature Schnauzer boys and girls ready now

Winter Opening Hours at Little Rascals

With Winter drawing in and the nights getting darker, due to health and safety on our site we regret to inform that we have made slight alterations to our opening hours. From November onwards we will be open as follows:

Weekdays from 9am - 6pm

Saturdays and Sundays from 9am - 5pm

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, don't hesitate to contact us on 01522 789191 if we can be of any further assistance

French Bulldog

French Bulldog - we are proud to announce that we have an amazing black and white, Pedigree French Bulldog little girl now ready to go to her new home. French Bulldogs have a playful and athletic temperament and are very sociable and affectionate so would be the perfect addition to any family

Puppy Subscription

Little Rascals keep their website up to date daily. Our customers are our priority and we strongly advise anyone looking for a puppy which is not currently on our website to subscribe to the puppy waiting list. You can find a link on our home page and this will enable us to keep you up to date with our new litters. Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Paypal deposits

When making a payment through paypal to secure a puppy please would you ensure you complete the description box at checkout with the details of the puppy you wish to purchase, your full name, address, contact number and email address. Many thanks.

Little Rascals Forever Homes!

Here at Little Rascals we love nothing more than to see our puppies growing up and feel that it has come to a time to honour them all with their own page. It's great to hear what they are all getting up to and that they are bringing so much love and joy to their families.

It also gives an opportunity to keep in touch with brothers and sisters from the same litter as your puppy!

We belive all of our puppies deserve their own page, so we have now created a new Facebook page for our testimonials. Click Here to view our Little Rascals in their forever homes

We would love for you to keep sending the pictures to us!

Customer Reviews

Thank you to all our new and returning customers who are keeping us in touch with the beautiful little puppies you have welcomed into your homes.

Little Rascals EU Passports

Little Rascals would like to announce that some of our puppies are now vet checked by two independent vets and also carry an EU travel passport. This is at no extra cost to our customers and is a real bonus to people looking to travel with their puppies in the future.

Malshi Puppies Ready now

Stunning Malshi Puppies (Maltese cross Shih-Tzu) ready now

Giving all our Puppies The Very Best Start

Here at Little Rascals all of very much loved puppies come with the following when they leave us to start their new lives in your family. • 1st Vaccinations • Fully Completed Health Check Card • Wormed and Flead to date • 4 weeks free Petplan Insurance • Puppy Training pad for the journey • A Puppy Toy • A blanket for comfort • Puppy Pack containing food. All our staff want to ensure your happy little puppy as the best start and the minimal amount of stress as they join your family.

New video updates

At Little Rascals we believe you should be able to see our puppies during their daily playtimes. To enable you to be see their interaction with other dogs we record videos of all of our litters and include them with the adverts.

We have recently uploaded new festive themed videos of all of our adorable puppies to YouTube. These videos can be found at the end of each individual advert and are included on all of our social media sites. Alternatively you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch them first! Click the link here to subscribe to our YouTube channel now

Stunning Little Puppies

Little Rascals have some stunning new litters of designer and cross breed dogs including Cavachon, Maltipoo and Cav-A-Malt. Everyone is welcome to come and take a look at these beautiful happy little pups, We are open 7 days a week from 9.30am to 6pm so please feel free to call in.

Getting my new puppy home

Little Rascals always request that you feed your new puppy Royal Canin Mini Junior as this contains everything your puppy needs and avoids issues connected with diet changes. Royal Canin is available at most good pet stores and is a complete food and should always be fed dry. As a guideline small puppies (Shih Tzu) will require approximately 170 to 200 grams per day measuring cups are available again at most pet stores. Large puppies such as Cockers require approximately 250 to 270 grams per day. These are guidelines only and need to be increased as your puppy grows. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. To encourage your new puppy to eat during the first few days you could add a table spoon of puppy meat to his/her diet available from most supermarkets. Plain Chicken, Ham or scrambled egg will also encourage eating. In smaller breeds it is always beneficial to give him/her a little lick of honey during the day. Fresh Water should ALWAYS be available to you puppy. Toys are great for stimulation but please ensure you check the age limits before purchase, rope toys and kongs are a good choice for young and older dogs. Avoid treats in the early months, use plain boiled chicken or ham for praising your puppy. Please remember Little Rascals have a fully stocked shop and we can provide you with everything you need to get started at a very competitive price. Training begins from day 1 be consistent and firm, please contact us for more useful tips and advise. DO NOT forget we are only a phone call away

New Breeds Coming Soon

Keep checking back as there will be some new breeds ready this weekend

Christmas Opening Hours 2014

CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS AT LITTLE RASCALS: on Christmas Eve we will be open from 9am - 1pm no appointments needed, then from 1pm - 5pm we will be taking appointments only. Should you wish to make an appointment, either to collect a puppy or to visit our litters, please contact us on 01522 789191. We will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What do I need for my new puppy ??

Here at Little Rascals we also have a fully stocked shop and we cater for all the needs of your new puppy.

We stock all of the following:

Beds of all shapes and sizes ranging from £20 to £40

Bowls for both water and food ranging from £4 to £10

Toys including the very popular KONG'S ranging from £4 to £15

Selection of Puppy Training pads

Shampoo's from Ancol and Johnsons

Puppy coat conditioners

Lead and collar sets ranging from £10 to £12

Individually priced collars and leads ranging from £5 to £15

Puppy Harnesses and some clothing accessories including coats

Plastic carry crates

First time puppy packs including an item from most lines above ranging from £25 - £45

Please feel free to pop in and browse our shop 9.30am to 6.30pm for all your puppy needs.

Find us on Facebook!

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Click the QR Code above to visit our Little Rascals Forever Homes page and publish a picture of your puppy once he/she is settled into their new home!

KC campaign launched to highlight importance of microchipping

PENGUINS played a starring role at the launch of this year’s National Microchipping Month, which runs throughout June.

The penguins at London Zoo are one of 726 different types of animals there, with all except the small birds and fish microchipped and registered with Petlog.

Petlog is owned and managed by the Kennel Club, and it created National Microchipping Month to highlight the benefits of microchipping and encourage owners to chip their domestic animals.


“Thousands of pets go missing every year and many are not reunited with their owners as they lack any form of identification,” said a spokesman for Petlog. “However, those microchipped and registered with us can easily be identified and returned to their owners.”

KC spokesman Caroline Kisko said; “The penguins at London Zoo presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate the large range of animals which are able to be chipped. London Zoo obviously has to have a clear way of identifying individual animals, but it is just as important for owners of household pets to do the same in case they go missing.”

So...If you have a Penguin or for that matter any other companion friend please do not hesitate to contact us regarding microchipping!

Thinking about buying a puppy ?

Here at Little Rascals our team are on hand 7 days a week to help you choose the right puppy for you. We can advise you on any of our breeds and compare with you suitability. We are more than happy to send you pictures of our available puppies upon request via email and will continue the support after you take your new puppy home. We take great pride in our puppies and like nothing more than photo's and updates on how our little guys are growing up as they enter their new lives. We have links to Facebook on our page and we update all new litters, sold puppies and testimonials daily. Please don't forget to follow us on Twitter again you will find the link on our home page. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

When Barny Came To Visit

Here at Little Rascals we love to see our beautiful puppies all grown up

Mr and Mrs Needham purchased Barny the Cockapoo from us in May 2014, and came back last weekend, nearly a year on to show him off

Barny has won numerous awards and rosettes for best in show and has travelled across the country to attend a variety of dog & puppy shows

Below are some photos of Barny with his many rosettes!

Playful happy little puppies

Please feel free to call in 10am-6.30pm no appointment needed to see our little rascals. Most small Pedigree and designer breeds available and ready to go to their new homes. Please see the website for latest availability all puppies are chipped, wormed, flead, vaccinated and come with a months free Petplan insurance.

Toilet Training a Puppy

We’ve put together some simple steps to help take away those first time dog owner nerves about toilet training

  • Positive reinforcement - Praise your puppy every time they do something right! As puppies don’t speak the same language we do, you need to ensure that your puppy is aware of their own good behaviour and begin to learn that this is desirable

  • No negativity - Following on from the first rule, do not punish your puppy if they get it slightly wrong. You have to remember that each new addition is a small puppy, with a small bladder and there will be some accidents along the way. They will not learn through negative response and when punished may result in the training progress going backwards

  • Be persistent – Until your puppy begins to learn the art of toilet training, you will have to put in time and effort praising and giving attention once they have done something desirable. “Each reward reinforces the right behaviour”

  • Watch for mistakes – New owners have to always be on the lookout for any little accidents and be sure to prevent them before they happen! Make sure that whenever they begin to show signs of wanting to go to the toilet, to take them outside straight away and to reward the good behaviour once it does happen

  • Get in a routine – Start to learn when your puppy will need to go to the toilet. This is usually first thing in the morning once they wake up, after eating or drinking and usually every few hours during the day. At these points take your puppy out and be ready to show reward

  • Restrict area when leaving puppy alone – from early stages the mother will have enforced for them not to dirty their bedding area, so when left in smaller spaces they will be more inclined to hold it so they don’t cause mess to the sleeping area. This must be done with caution as your puppy won’t be able to hold their bladder for very long at first and you must ensure your puppy doesn’t stay in there too long without interaction from you. Regular visits to let your puppy out will help to reinforce this training

  • Cleaning up accidents – When tackling accidents in the house, be aware to use enzyme-based cleaner to remove any possible trace for your puppy. Regular cleaners will remove any unsavoury smells for us, however the scent will still be present for puppy

  • Start from day 1 – As soon as you get your puppy home, get them familiarised with their designated toilet area. Ideally a section of garden that you know is safe and enclosed

  • Carrying on the training – If you have to leave puppy alone for a section of time during the toilet training process you are best ensuring that you can find someone to stay with your puppy to continue your hard work and carry on their routine

  • Don’t panic! – Finally, don’t panic! Toilet training is easy once you keep to your routine and begin to reward any behaviour you would like your puppy to continue

New Plans to Crack Down on Backstreet Puppy Breeders

Following the press release from DEFRA and The Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP on 2nd February 2017, we welcome the news on the crack down on backstreet breeders and new proposals being made within the legislation that will improve the welfare standards on animals.

Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited we believe that all breeders of dogs should be licensed and hold suitable qualifications regardless to how many litters a year they are breeding. Also any establishment, whether that be a house or kennels be held responsible for the care of any animals on their premises. Whether breeding or providing a service to the general public they should be required to obtain a license and regulated under the Animals Welfare Act 2006.

Little Rascals Pets Limited strongly believe that it is important that the care and welfare of all animals are always considered and that any person/establishment be held responsible for such care of these animals. This should also include those animals waiting for their new homes whether that is from the breeder or from a re-homing centre to name but a few. Regulations and licenses should be in place to ensure that both the animals and their new owners are sure that the best possible care has been provided.

For more information regarding the proposal visit the below link.

Click here for more information on DEFRA Press Release

Pedigree Cocker Spaniel Puppies

A brand new litter of Cocker Spaniels ready now Golden, Chocolate and Orange roan.

Our onsite Shop

Here at Little Rascals we have our own onsite shop with a range of products for all your new puppy needs. Including collars and leads of adjustable sizes and various other puppy accessories. We also have a selection of food and water bowls available, along with beds and blankets to suit all dog breeds.

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Have your pet microchipped at Little Rascals

From 6th May 2016, new legislation states that every dog owner must ensure that their puppy or dog is microchipped; with the owners details to be registered on the appropriate database. This includes full name and address of the keeper with relevant contact numbers, along with all pet information: breed, sex and colour. This must be kept up-to-date if the owner moves house or updates their personal information

The microchip is a small electronic chip, inserted harmlessly beneath the puppies skin between their shoulder blades. This allows him/her to be individually traceable with their unique 15-digit number, which can be read by a microchip reader

All of our puppies are ready microchipped prior to leaving for their new homes, which we register over to you at point of purchase. We now offer our own microchipping service, with us having 5 trained members of staff onsite, all happy to carry this out for you. For only £10 we can microchip your pet and register you as the owner, all while you wait!

Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01522 789191 who will be happy to assist with further enquiries regarding microchips

First look at our upcoming litters

Once our adorable litters are available to be advertised we update our website daily, in order to keep you informed which puppies we have coming forward each week

All of our litters are very much loved, cared for and are part of our large family. We take great pride in having all of our dogs and puppies vaccinated, wormed and flead each week when we have a vet visit from Orchard House Veterinary Surgery

All of our litters are fully wormed and flead, microchipped and have received at least their first vaccination prior to leaving for their new forever homes. The majority of our litters are now fully vaccinated, age depending.

Here are our upcoming litters for this week; our beautiful Morkie little boys and girls are now ready for their new homes

Our stunning French Bulldog x Pug babies available in the coming weeks!

Many people wonder what makes Little Rascals a popular choice for the purchase of a new puppy.

Little Rascals have been licensed dog breeders since 1965 and have a great understanding and knowledge of all the dogs we breed. We offer free advise 7 days a week and invite our customers to pop in no appointment needed between 9.30am and 6.30pm.

We have the experience required to ensure you make the right choice for your family when purchasing your new addition, We also have on site two qualified CSQP's who are professionally trained in animal medicines and health advice.

We offer a wide range of accessories for your new puppy in our fully stocked pet shop including beds, leads, bowls and carry cases.

All our puppies have one and some two independent vet checks, they have had a vaccination, they have been flead and wormed, We activate 4 weeks free Pet Plan or Buddies insurance (subject to excess) prior to you leaving the premises, We will register your Micro Chip to you whilst you are here and provide you with a puppy pack which contains useful advise, food, blanket and insurance information. Some puppies also carry an EU passport ready for travel.

We are then available 7 days a week for advise once the puppy has left us and is in his/her new home.

We encourage our customers to post to our Facebook page photo's and updates so we can see how our puppies grow up but not only this people can connect with other customer's who purchased from the same litter. Please click the link above to follow us on Facebook.

Leaving Little Rascals with your new puppy

Little Rascals take exceptional care of all our dogs and puppies and we want to ensure that all our puppies have the very best start in life:.

All our puppies come as standard with the following:.

A vaccination and signed vet card (Our independent vet is on site every Friday afternoon):.

4 weeks free insurance with either Pet Plan or Buddies (Claims subject to excess), these companies will then contact you prior to the policy lapsing to discuss suitable continuing policies with you:.

Puppy Pack which contains information on your puppy, guidelines as to what to feed and what quantities dependant on size, Information on insurance, bag of food and a blanket for comfort:.

SOME of our puppies have had two independent vet checks and have a valid EU passport:.

Micro Chips are registered to you whilst you are here as standard, Micro Chipping means your dog has a unique code which when scanned shows your name and address as the current owner and is held on a national database:.

We provide you with tips and advise on maintaining the health and wellbeing of our smaller breeds such as Pomeranian and Chihuahua babies:.

Currently we have two qualified SQP's on site 7 days a week to advise on animal health:.

Our fully stocked shop can provide you with all your puppies needs at competitive prices:.

On top of all this we are here 7 days a week to provide you with knowledgeable support at all times.

Pomchi and Pom Spitz

Take a look in our Designer and Cross Breeds section, The most beautiful and cheeky Pomchi and Pom Spitz are now ready for new homes. Only one of each available now.
Pedigree Puppies Designer & Cross Breed Puppies
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Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to receive updates and see how our gorgeous puppies are growing in their new homes. Please find below a selection of testimonials from just some of our many satisfied customers. As we can’t print all of the lovely comments our customers have made about us, the page would just go on and on, so please visit our Facebook page where all future testimonials will be located on a regular basis

 width =

"Our beautiful westie x bichon we got from you January 2014. He's a lovely dog and so loyal to us"
Samantha Timmermans

width =

"Cannot believe bailey is over a year old now, here he is as well as ever he is so cheeky"
Georgina Sims

 width =

"This is Ellie we brought her from you in January, she's doing so well love her to bits thank you Little Rascals"
Samantha Timmermans

width =

"Here is my gorgeous pup Teddy, now 6 months old, love him to bits and wouldn't be without him! Thanks Little Rascals"
Angie Chalkley

 width =

"Just like to thank you for our new family member Jackson who we bought of you last October. He has really settled down and made a best friend our family cat Simba, he is a really affectionate we luv him to bits"
Paula Walker

width =

"Dave settling into his new home we all adore our new addition to the family thanks so much"
Kirsty Clark

 width =

"This is Billie our Bassacock he is now 8 months old and a very handsome and loving dog, thank you for bring him into our lives "
Sammy Jayne Elliott

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"This is Cyril. From Gorgeous Little Rascals Pup to a Very Handsome, Delightful Boy, who's now almost 5."
Julz Judd Barrett


“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so very much for letting us take ‘Lottie’ home to our family! She is an absolute angel, and we cannot imagine life without her. She was from the littler born on the 17/08/2010, black and white little girl – mind you more grey and white now!! As you will see from the piccies she has settled in very well and is enjoying her time in the office, on the boat and at home – as you can see she has made herself very at home on the sofa! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, even my non dog loving mother has bought her some xmas pressies!!! So thank you once again, it was an absolute pleasure!”
Michelle and Lottie


“I have been meaning to contact you for a while to thank you so very much for my wonderful Golden Cockerpoo Dudley! We picked him up from you at the end of September 2010-he was born on the 22nd July- and he is a complete joy in every way! I took him to the vet for a check up about a week after he arrived with us and he commented on how caring and professional you were to ensure that he had been so well vaccinated! This was a great comfort to us as a family-so thank you! Dudley is healthy, happy and full of personality!

I have included some photographs of him taken over the last few months and i am sure you will agree he is totally gorgeous! Dudley has made our house a real home and i am thankful to you for breeding such a fantastic pup. He is incredibly well behaved and so easy to train-we could not now imagine life without him. Thank you once again”
Georgia Morgan


“Just to let you know how our golden cocker spaniel puppy that we purchased from you is getting on. Phoebe is now nearing 5 months old and is a very energetic and loving dog, who loves nothing better then a bound in our local fields and meeting other dogs. Our children who are aged 3 and 11 love playing with and cuddling her, as does Phoebe with them. Phoebe is such a little character and highly intelligent. House training Phoebe has been very quick and easy. Phoebe has even managed to bring a lot of comfort to my sisters golden retriever 'Scooby'who suffers from arthritis. Scooby's face lights up when Phoebe comes to play and he even manages a little bound around with her.”
Mrs L Richardson

“Just to let you know, the website pup we brought from you on Saturday has settled in well and is now a happy part of our family enjoying playing with our 3 children.

So on behalf of myself and my family i would like to thank you for your help and for also providing us with a good well taken care of and healthy pup and I would have no hesitation in recommending "little rascals" to anyone looking for a dog in the future.”
John Calver


“I bought Charlie from you in June 2010 he is a beautiful little boy, very friendly. He is the best dog ever. Thank you.”
Mrs Mycroft


“We bought our dog Harvey (male golden Cocker) from you in May last year, and i was just looking at your website again (thinking about getting another dog - i must be mad!!) and thought you might like these pics for your testimonials section on your page. We are so happy to have Harvey - he is such a sweet boy, and has a really enthusiastic temperament that always brings a smile to our face. When not rummaging around in the undergrowth in the park, he is just as happy to cuddle up next to us on the sofa... Last week in the park we think we actually met one of harveys litter mates which was fun, and i was just wondering whether you might be able to send us a pic of harvey's parents, or if you have any pics of his brothers and sisters? Anyway, hope you like the pics and maybe see you again soon! Thanks!”
Hannah & Paul Roman (and Harvey)

“Just to let you know how happy we are with our little girl born 21/12/2008 she has settled in very well”
Debbie Cook

“Service at Little Rascals kennels 'excellent and second to none'. I took home a miniature Daschund (Sausage Dog) for my disabled stepdaughter. The kennels would not release the puppy until it had had all of its injections and they also chipped it for us. The service they provided for us was second to none.

My disabled stepdaughter has so many illnesses and health problems that this puppy we bought her for Christmas has now given her something to live for.

People should visit the kennels themselves and see what they think the services are like and see for their own eyes how the animals are kept.”
James Lawton, Washingborough


“I bought a dog off you last September and I just want to say thank you so much because he is adorable!!!!! He is a chorkie, and everyone always asks were we got him because he is just so cute! They often mistake him for a little fox, and he’s got the most gorgeous pointy ears ever! Thank you so much for my little puppy he’s amazing, and I think we may be coming back to find him a companion! We've called him coco pops and I've enclosed some pics of him too because he’s got really big now! Thank you so much!”


“Me and my partner bought a beagle from you in May and just wanted to let you know how great he is and to say a great big thank you, he is called 'Charlie' and he is doing really well. He is growing at an amazing rate, he is the cheekiest and nosiest little dog i have ever known but we love him for it, thank you all again for giving us our Charlie, please see pictures enclosed to see how he is doing!”
Thanks Matthew and Stef


“I would just like to say a big thank you to all the run LITTLE RASCALS, I brought my shitzu dog from you back in January 2008 and I couldn't believe when I looked up your website that there is still a picture of him on there next to the heading (pedigree puppies) " he is the one in the middle". He is truly the most gentle natured and loving family pet and have people telling me all the time that he is stunning, one even wanting to buy him off me. I thought it would be nice to send you some pictures of him "now called RADLEY" so you can see how he turned out.”
Thanks so much Zoe Rose and Radley


“We bought a miniature schnauzer from you in Jan this year and he'll be 1yr on 03/11/10. Just want to say thank you for our gorgeous boy "Oscar". He's so full of mischief and so loving, absolutely adorable with a fantastic personality. Thank you so much !”
Keith & Dawn Henderson